Sunday, February 8, 2009

Katie Couric is a Total Nitwit

I just watched Katie Couric's 60 Minutes interview with the crew of that US Airways plane that landed in the Hudson River. For those of you who missed it, here's a recap:

Katie: How did you feel when you heard the engines cut out? Did you pray?

Sully: No, I left that up to the people in the back of the plane.

Katie (to flight attendant): What was going on in the cabin at that point? Were people crying? Was anyone praying?

Flight attendant: (generic, nondescript answer)

Katie: But could you talk about praying? Whether or not passengers ere praying, or if you were praying, or if there was anyone praying?

Apparently 60 Minutes is aiming not only for the geriatric demographic, but the psycho-Christian geriatric demographic.

Oh, and in other 60 Minutes news: There's this hot new band all the young whippersnappers are listening to, called Coldplay. Their music is pretty edgy and alternative, but they're a phenomenal success! Go figure! We've never heard of them before, but now you have, so you have something to talk to your grandkids about.


Joseph LeMay said...

60 Minutes has a correspondent who's way hotter now.
The only problem is, if you're trying to pay attention to the story, she's kind of distracting.

Goody 2 Shoes said...

KC is supposed to have the "girl next door" image America relates to...I just never saw that; she also seems wooden

Anonymous said...

Yup. Girl Next Door if you live next door to a _________.

I dunno. You fill it in.
Something implying utterly vaccuous. One dimensional. Oblivious to the real world. Utterly disconnected to and contemptuous of "her own" country, so to speak.

Oh wait.. I just described CBS.