Sunday, December 21, 2008

Do I Look Like a Cow to You?

Last time I checked, I had only two legs, one stomach, and no horns. Yet when Snookums looks at me, all she sees is Big Ol' Bossy (with apologies to one of my favorite bloggers).

Witness this video, in which I chant, "The dairy's closed!" while Snookums is thwarted in her attempts to reach her milk faucets.

p.s. My mother said she'd never seen girl babies act like this before. Does this mean that Snookums is tending towards the, ah, Sapphic persuasion? If so, I hope she gets her own talk show.


My Name Is Cat said...

My niece was very into her mom's boobs for years and then her brother took over. Now he's been bumped out by a new brother, and he is not happy.

My Name Is Cat said...

Oh, and no you look like a cow. You look great.

Joan Novark said...

Thanks, Cat! You're too kind. And I'm so flattered that one of my favorite bloggers is commenting here!