Monday, December 29, 2008

Gratuitous Butt Shot #2

Some of you might remember a story I told a few weeks ago about how I saw one of the people I share office space with retouching a photo of a woman's butt.

Well, today it happened again. Only it was a different guy this time. Who works for a TOTALLY DIFFERENT COMPANY.

I was in the office for only a few minutes today -- just long enough to walk by this guy's office and see a photo of a woman's naked butt up on his computer screen.

The woman in the photo was wearing some sort of sequinned garment that just happened to be open so that her ass was completely exposed. The nudity seemed too out of context for a women's magazine, and the shot wasn't really cheesy enough to be soft-core porn, nor was it artsy enough to be considered, well, artsy. I couldn't figure out where a shot like that would be published.

I would have asked the guy who was working on it, but he was on the phone engaged in what sounded like a very intense conversation. Probably about butts.

Oh, and another thing that's weird about my office: This place is on the second floor.


King of New York Hacks said...

Why did you need to tell us you worked in the same place as an establishment that probably let's you hear many a sound through the vents. Butt shots and Vent sounds.....Thats a name for your new blog !!

Joan Novark said...

I was actually hoping when we moved into this building a few months ago that I would be able to hear, or see, something. Just to make corporate life a little more interesting. But other than a nondescript sign in the lobby, you'd never know the place was there.

Fortunately I have butt shots aplenty to keep corporate life from boring the shit out of me.