Saturday, October 11, 2008

About the Title...

I originally called this blog "Do You Hear Voices?" because I first thought it up in the pre-Snookums days, when I was singing at open mics in Manhattan and also going out to hear a lot of music. It was supposed to be about all these different "voices" I was hearing -- sort of a combination of a diary and music criticism. Then I got pregnant, and it became about how your baby can supposedly hear your voice before she's born.

It was also influenced by my job at the time, writing for a magazine where we could never say anything honest because we were beholden to advertisers and suppliers. So I could never write, for example, about what happened the time I flew Tarom, the Romanian national airline, to Bucharest for a business trip:

As we were seated in the plane waiting to take off, the music system was playing Tom Jones' "Sex Bomb." Then, as soon as we were in flight, all the Romanians on board (which was everyone but our little group of five American journalists) commenced smoking. So one of us called the flight attendant over and pointed out that all international Tarom flights were supposed to be non-smoking. Cryptically, she replied, "Yes, but . . . not yet."

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goody2shoes said...

That is funny about the airline! You expect the passengers to open up their pet carriers and let out their goats to graze and relieve themselves!