Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's All Fenugreek to Me

My milk production hasn't been as efficient lately. I used to be able to produce two bottles (at least 10 ounces) of milk in three pumpings a day -- twice at work and once more around 11 p.m. before retiring. 

Then again, Snookums is 10 months old now, so maybe she doesn't need as much milk. Or maybe I'm stressed out, or maybe it's the fertility drug I started taking yesterday. Anyway, I'd still like to breastfeed Snookums for at least two more months, so I started drinking Mother's Milk herbal tea. One of its ingredients is fenugreek (pictured at left), which is supposed to increase lactation. 

A friend and I went shopping in Jersey City's Little India last weekend and she bought some fresh fenugreek, which Indians call methi. I was fascinated because I'd never seen the plant before. I bought some frozen methi, which I'll use tomorrow to make a vegetarian curry with tofu and coconut milk.  And maybe the milk will rain down. . . 

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