Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Boo Who?

Took Snookums to a debate-watching party last night. She had fallen sound asleep on my chest in the Bjorn, but of course the minute I transferred her to the stroller she woke up. When we got to the party I put her back in the Bjorn, but every time she dozed off the crowd would boo at something stupid McCain said -- like when he called Obama "that one" -- and she'd wake up.

I felt a little guilty because she ended up going to sleep much later than she normally would. Then again, she's been keeping me up for, oh, the past 10 months or so. Now maybe she'll understand what it's like!

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goody2shoes said...

Let's hear it for starting kids on having some political awareness early on. Hey this is baby's very first election (even if she can't vote).

I have compared my five year old's leadership skills with our current leader and I have concluded he would do a better job at running the country. He is going with me to drive dems to the polls on election day, anyway, so if he doesnt end up leading the country at least he'll learn voting for a competent human.