Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Who Wants to See Me Naked?

The people at my office evidently do. Yesterday, I was in the supply closet, strapped to my Medela Pump in Style, when someone gave a single knock on the door. 

Thinking I might be hearing things, I hollered, "Hello!" over the Medela's incredibly loud motor. The next thing I knew some guy was barging his way in. (The door doesn't lock.) 


Note: I have a sign on the door. It says, "If the door is closed, please knock. Do NOT enter without knocking first." 

Now, I admit I didn't shout, "GO AWAY!!" when he knocked. This is, after all, a workplace, and I was trying to be polite. But I didn't exactly say, "Come right in! I'm not doing anything -- I'm just sitting here, with little vacuum cleaners attached to my nipples!" 

Maybe my sign should have been more explicit. Maybe it should have said, "Do NOT enter without knocking first, unless you have an uncontrollable desire to see your co-worker's breasts smashed into small funnels and squeezed like pastry bags." 

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