Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 Fun Activities When You're Pregnant

1. Sauna. That intense heat is just soooooo relaxing for you and your unborn babe. Helps relieve those pregnancy aches and pains, too!

2. Blue cheese sampling. What mother-to-be doesn't crave dairy? And no wonder -- all that calcium helps build strong bones in the li'l fetus.

3. Dodgeball. Not just for fifth graders anymore. The jumping, running and throwing are a great stress reliever, and an excellent cardio workout to boot.

4. Whisky tasting. Haven't you always wondered what the difference is between Irish and Scottish, single malt and blend? Indulge your curiosity and find out now, before the baby comes along and you can't go out anymore.

5. Build-your-own meth lab. A fun weekend project that doesn't even take a whole weekend -- you can set up a lab in a coffee pot, even! It's that simple.


Kristy Hall said...

Nice post. If only my babymoon clients could remember these five fantastic tips... ;->

Catherinette Singleton said...

What a superb list! I have about a billion friends that all decided to get knocked up at the same time. I'm totally going to share this list with them.

I might recommend that they go on a roller coaster after that cheese tasting...

Joan Novark said...

Roller coaster! Great idea -- wish I'd thought of that, Catherinette!