Monday, March 9, 2009

Does Snookums Work Here?

I was editing a document the other day at work and came across the term "workstreams," which I didn't understand (I edit documents written for IT consultants, so this happens at least once a sentence).

"What are workstreams?" I asked my writer, who in turn asked the person he'd interviewed. Here's her reply:

"That means they give a belly button to any action or goal so that everyone knows what their goals are."

Can anyone explain what this means? It's at points like this that I want to put my daughter on the phone with these people, so she can shout, "Ha! Shoo! Geh beh deh beh deh beh baby boo!"


Lennart said...

What they mean is probably workflow a concept that goes back to the building of the pyramids of Egypt.

If you see them fiddling with browstown under their desks watch out!

Dernier cri in this space are fully automated computerized workflow systems, used among other places on Wall Street.

Which may be why we are in the pickle we are in today.

Joan Novark said...

What about "belly button," Lennart? I guess that concept goes back to Eve -- but not in this context.

Goody 2 Shoes said...

OK, if you give a belly button to a project, are you humanizing or anthropomorphising the project? If you do not have a belly button, you were never attached to an umbilical cord, thus not human. Same as "pet project"/ that project is "my baby": just check out its navel to see.