Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lose Weight by Blogging about Great Sex in New York with Celebrities!

I asked my friend Lennart, who has a popular blog (at least that's what he tells me, but it's in Swedish so he could be lying), how I can get more than, say, 6 people to visit this blog. His advice?

"Write really long headlines full of buzzwords. Every time I write a post with the words 'sex in the United States' in it, I get tons of hits from Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. They find my blog through Google."

He also suggested I avoid topics like babies shitting in bathtubs. He would probably hate the post on farting I wrote yesterday.

In other words, Lennart thinks I should ditch my mommy-blogger demographic for the repressed-teenage-Muslim demographic. But I ask you, which has more purchasing power that will appeal to advertisers?

Okay, so I don't have any advertisers, but I hope to have at least one someday.

Tomorrow's post: Find a job by blogging about great sex in New York with celebrities!

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