Monday, March 23, 2009

Only 15 Months Old, and Already Making Fart Jokes

I may have created a monster -- or a comedic genius.

A while back, I started a joke with Snookums where I'd make farting noises with my mouth when she passed gas. Then the other day, Snookums was perusing a baby magazine and came upon an ad for Desitin, featuring a baby's bare bum. She immediately started making farting noises with her mouth.

At first I thought she was just making the noise randomly. But a few pages later, there was another photo of a baby's behind -- and she pointed at it and started making those farting noises again.

I still can't believe she can make the connection between a noise she makes with her mouth and an image of a butt. That's a lot of abstraction.

So is it brilliance or precocious immaturity when a preverbal toddler acts like a 12-year-old, or the former President of the United States?


Devan said...

Kim's third youngest once hollered for her to come into his room where he was changing into his pajamas. He asked her, with desperation and panic in his voice "mom wook at my hiney". Kim knelt down and eyeballed his bare cheeks, thinking he had fallen and bruised himself. As she got closer, he let out a toot and started belly laughing. It was a set up and she'd been had. On that note, I'd say you are in for far more hilarious moments to come.

Goody 2 Shoes said...

I thought that was a boy thing. I was surprised that Birdie repeated a joke he heard on grown-up TV (not under my watch, mind you). A gal was going to have fat from her butt injected into her lips, I guess for cosmetic reasons, then instead of burping, she would really be farting. ha ha ha. shoot the tv.