Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ai Yi Yi!

I have my period. Which means the second attempt at IUI (intrauterine insemination) didn't work. Sigh.

Just to bring you up to date: I was lucky enough to get pregnant spontaneously (i.e. without fertility drugs) with Snookums in early 2007, just a few weeks before Zany Dad had surgery for prostate cancer. I don't know if you're as versed in the male anatomy as I am (and really, could anyone be as much of an expert on male anatomy as Joan?), but after a man has his prostate removed, he doesn't ejaculate. So, no baby goo. Hence, IUI.

When I went for the IUI on December 23, the doctor let me look at Zany Dad's sperm under the microscope. "The motility isn't very good," he said, by which he meant the sperm weren't especially active.

I looked under the microscope at what looked like a few teeny-weeny black dots here and there, just sorta chugging along. It reminded me of Zany Dad in the morning when he has to get up for work and can't get out of bed.

Like father, like sperm.

Let's hope the next IUI round works.


Joseph LeMay said...

Maybe it would help if you wore a sexy bathing suit.

Annie Valentine said...

I'm all for sleepy sperm. I'll bet they make nice, easy going children.

outside voice said...

I'm so sorry it didn't work. *Hug*

mermommy said...

wow, you're trying for another!? good luck!

if i was married, i would totally have another. as a single mom i think one is PLENTY!