Monday, January 5, 2009

Hello Kitty: Sold into Slavery

The dolls shown at right were obtained from a McDonald's in Kuala Lumpur several years ago. They depict Hello Kitty and her groom, Dear Daniel, dressed in Malay wedding costume.

Hello Kitty getting married? Wait a minute. Hello Kitty is supposed to be a CHILD. Who still lives at HOME. Relishing her mama's apple pie and playing with her twin sister, Mimmy.

No doubt Dear Nefarious Daniel purchased her virginity from her parents. Daniel, who learned pornography photography from his father, wants to be a "cameraman" and likes "cheesecake."

Is anyone seeing a pattern here?

On the other hand, maybe Hello Kitty isn't so innocent after all. She is, after all, depicted on a vibrator massager. (It has three speeds: regular, fast, and Helloooo Kitty!)

Hello Kitty. Children's toy? Or synonym for pussy?


outside voice said...

Are Kitty and Daniel holding a bottle of vodka in the middle of the pic, there? That would explain a lot... ;)

Joan Novark said...

It's actually a paperback dictionary, OV. And as you can see, there's another dictionary over Hello Kitty's right shoulder. The couple is diligently studying English so as to better serve deep-pocketed American consumers of pornography and prostitution.