Saturday, January 31, 2009

Is Abu Ghraib Hiring?

Because if they are, I know a little 13-month-old who should totally send them her résumé.

Today, Snookums subjected me to sleep deprivation, made me stand for hours (with her perched on my hip -- I'd like to see Rumsfeld do that!), and administered various forms of physical abuse, including biting, kicking, hitting, and screaming loud enough to hurt my eardrums. She also kept making me go topless.

About the only thing she didn't do was make me wear a hood and stand on a box. But there's always tomorrow.


Catherinette said...

One of the many reasons I'm happy not to have kids.

It sounds like Snookums would get along with my niece, Lucy(fer). They could use their powers of evil to drive everyone crazy.

WA said...

Hahaha! I also think making you watch "The Wiggles" goes against the Geneva Convention.

Wendi Aarons