Friday, January 30, 2009

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

I met up with my friend Bob yesterday. As you can see from the photo, he has long hair. And he's one of the last guys in New York who do. The proof? He was out the other night at a heavy metal bar in Brooklyn with his girlfriend and another friend (female), and three guys tried to pick them up, thinking Bob was just one of the gals.

"Can you believe that?" he said. "Even in a heavy metal bar, I'm the only guy with long hair."

That may be true among adult men, but I've noticed more and more boys lately with shoulder-length hair -- like, practically every white boy over the age of 7. Recently, when my husband saw a photo of the two sons (ages 8 and 12) of a college friend of mine, he mistook them for girls.

I'm not sure what cultural phenomenon explains this, but I have a pretty good idea. And you can see it here.


Annie Valentine said...

I would love to grow my five-year-old's hair back out, but he wants to "look like a boy". Can't blame the kid.

Um, and I like your blog enough that I read FOUR posts in a row. How's that for ya?

ps - I'm feeling extremely lucky right now that for me, getting pregnant requires nothing more than a carb/sugar free diet (not as easy as it sounds) and lots of sex. Here's hoping...

Joan Novark said...

Huh? I thought long hair was synonymous with looking like a boy! You must not have watched enough Hanson videos while you were pregnant.

Thanks for hanging out on my blog, Annie! I visit yours all the time. (BTW, the main reason I can't get pregnant is that my husband had prostate surgery. Having said that, I don't think I could survive five minutes without carbs and sugar. Thank Gawod for modern medicine...)

Goody 2 Shoes said...

Where I live out west a lot of boys have short buzz cuts. These are boys who wear the fashionable camouflage duds. I think it is emulating the military. A few boys have longer hair. My 8 year old wants his hair long, but then he won't brush it when its long.